“I have a whole new perception on Jesus and life! Your gift to the community is priceless and when I pray and forgive, it’s much easier through the light you have turned on.” – B

“Very helpful and moving and funny sermon today.  Thanks.  This type of preaching will bring us together.” – S

“Your ministry here at Cornerstone has been a blessing to us.  It is obvious that both of you have a deep conviction and dedication for winning souls for Christ.  With your talents, we know that you will make a difference in having a people ready to meet our returning Lord.” – D and P

“The difference that you have made in our congregation can’t be expressed.  God is leading, obviously.” – B and M

“We appreciate the help you have given to us personally and to the school.” – C and C

“This is the best experience we have ever had at any church, and the leadership makes all the difference.” – M and J

“What a blessing you two are…  Your youthful energy, vision, and spirituality are an inspiration to all.” – T and B

“Thank you for your years of leadership and care.  Your spiritual gifts and passions have helped nourish and sustain our growth.” – E and J

“I listen to your sermons every Saturday.  I enjoy them a lot.” – J, age 10

“Thank you for the relevant, timely messages the Lord gives you each Sabbath that have helped us grow spiritually.” – J and T

“I’ve appreciated your leadership…  Your sermons have spoken to my heart and the needs of my soul.  I believe God is using you…” – D

Words cannot describe the appreciation that we have for the work and dedication you show toward your ministry.  Our entire congregation is so enriched because you are here.” – B

“Our church is now enjoying a wonderful harmony.” – M

“Thank you for helping our family.  Thanks for baptizing me.” – R, age 12

“The main reason that I chose Cornerstone as my church is because of your dedication to the Lord.  Your praises of Him make it clear that you love the Lord with all your heart and soul.” – C

“Thank you for all you are doing for Cornerstone and also for her Branch Sabbath Schoool  ‘All Nations.’  Thanks for your dedication and support.” – T and J

“You’re the best pastor in the world!  Thank you for doing chapel on Friday.” – N and E

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