Large Church Hiving Proposal

“Mother Church” as a Base for Discipleship and Church Planting

Of very large Adventist churches, College View Church in Lincoln, NE is uniquely situated in a growing, economically stable area with great potential for growth through a network of new campuses and church plants to make Lincoln the most Adventist city in North America.  Other known potential locations include Arlington, TX, Collegedale, TN, and Forest Lake, FL.

Goal: Every two years the “Mother Church” would identify, equip, and send 50‐100 people to start a new church or campus. Each group would start as a Branch Sabbath School of the Mother Church.

Campuses would start with as few as 50 core members, would contribute to the Mother Church tithe and budget, identify as the Mother Church, participate in all or part of the Mother Church worship via video, but have local lay (and/or staff) leadership and localized outreach and discipleship.

Churches would start with at least 100 core members, develop their own identity and structure, and become financially independent of the Mother Church within 1 year of launch.

Because of the relatively high number of core members, each new church or campus would be financially stable and equipped to grow and disciple from day one.

“Mother Churches” typically recover core sacrifice plus increased stewardship, spiritual gifts participation, and conversions after beginning an intentional sacrificial planting program.

Year 1
Establish in Mother Church

  • Guest path
  • Membership track
  • Assimilation system
  • Discipleship environment

Year 2
Continue Mother Church

  • Guest path
  • Membership track
  • Assimilation system
  • Discipleship environment


  • Potential core group for daughter church
  • Potential demographic/location for daughter church
  • Whether a church plant or campus
  • Benchmarks and goal launch date in next year


  • Visioning with core group
  • Discipleship and stewardship training of core
  • Mission and evangelism activities in new territory

Years 3-­12

  • Continue and repeat year 2 activities
  • Launch 1 campus or church every other year (or more frequently)

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